Concord, CA

Many of Concord's downtown buildings date back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. While some continue to be private residences, many have been restored as office or commercial buildings. Concord has a rich cultural and architectural heritage which is the legacy of the founding families of this City.

The center of downtown Concord is the green oasis of Todos Santos Plaza. Todos Santos (All Saints) was the original name of the City. In the 1860s, Salvio Pacheco, his son, and his son-in-law had the 20 acres, which is now downtown Concord, surveyed for a new town. Nineteen blocks were plotted around a central plaza which Don Salvio dedicated to the people of his new town for use as a park. Today, Todos Santos Plaza continues to be the site for numerous community festivals and celebrations.

There is no official documentation on the changing of the name of Todos Santos to Concord. In May 1869, the new town residents held a party in a local store to celebrate the founding of Concord.

Concord is among the best cities in the nation to raise children. In a study called the Children's Stress Index by the Zero Population Growth organization, Concord was ranked Number 2 out of California cities, counties and metropolitan areas. Each location was judged on criteria such as kids' health and their access to health care, education, crime rate, economics, and environment.

Concord is a place with a reverence for its past and a clear, confident sense of where it is headed. It is a place for families. Local lifestyle reflects a careful blending of the City's early California heritage with modern development. This approach has resulted in a harmonious community of quiet neighborhoods, an excellent park system, convenient shopping centers, a modern high-rise business center, large preserves of scenic open space, and an exciting downtown business core that radiates from historic Todos Santos Plaza.

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